On Article Writing…

There are many types of articles in this world but I have one conclusion…

Whatever article you have to work on is, it’s no joke. It can fry your brains (I don’t know if literally or what) but today, I almost had a break down. It’s not a good idea to claim 4 jobs at the same time. No, no no no! I wonder if I’ll get fired with the other one, I really didn’t do good at all. I just hope I get paid for that – I hope things will get better soon and Reviewme won’t be an @ss.

Oh, I want to go to the mall and buy something to make the little girl in me happy and forget about stress. Coffee is stress. I made 20 articles about effin coffee maker and espresso, they were all at least 300 words. I just hate it. MORE.


  1. awww kaya mo yan bebi pero nid mo rin ng rest ah!! lagi ka rin nagpupuyat nakuh nakuh *parang ako hindi eh noh lolz* muah i love you bebi coh <3

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