On my wishlist: Japanese Fashion Tie On Cute Boots

My birthday is coming near, I feel so old but at the same time excited to know what’s going to be there for me in my new year. I’ve been giving myself gifts with all the fancy stuff I’ve been buying but here’s another that I really want to have:

Japanese Fashion Tie On Cute Boots

Japanese Fashion Tie On Cute Boots

I’m a sucker of closed shoes/boots so I really want this and the color is just perfect – being a green lover girl. It costs 759 PHP, around $17.00 when converted to dollars. I just hope it can wait for me until payday because my wallet’s busted as I’ve bought so much this month. It’s partly not a good sign because I’m so costly and I keep on shopping online lately! LOL! But I really do hope it will still be on stock at the time I’m ready to purchase. This or the other thing I want. I will definitely go back to this! It can be found in Moderno Sense at Facebook


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