On the Job Training Report!

This post has been in draft for ages. Haha, yes really. I meant to post after a week of my OJT. I even meant have a blog for my internship days. But I think I’ll pass. Tsk.

Everyday, when I get home all I want to do is sleep. Add up to that our crappy internet provider which have been making things annoying for the whole November and almost this December(?)

So far, my internship is well, okay I guess. At least I always do something. Although I’m pretty disappointed because in my heart, I am not meant to do encoding jobs and copy paste jobs. But I really can’t complain much 🙁

I just hope, I’ll be given some awesome project I’ll enjoy doing and at the same time, learn something. It’s unfair – out of all the interns, I was the only one without a project other than the one who will be absent until January because of his measles.

Oh well, I only have two months or so to fill in anyway.

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