Instagram deleted my account

..and I don’t think I will be able to get it back 🙁

Last August, I decided I wanted to start from scratch in Instagram despite my already filled-post accounts from before (during the Nendoroid/Tamagotchi era) I wanted to squeeze in everything in one new fresh account and make use of their highlight feature.

It was going great, although I don’t really have followers, I posted whenever, I posted whatever and I was not restricted to a sole niche.

Come this weekend though, when I finally wanted to check after not logging in for a few days (2 or 3) suddenly it was logged out. But the worst has come, whenever I try forgot password to get my password (because yeah, I don’t remember passwords to frequently and it wouldn’t go in when I try the last one I did remembered) it says no users cannot be found with the said username.

I was like. “WHAT?!” To check it further, I searched the profile on Chrome. Usually you should be able to find your Instagram profile by typing your username but the page doesn’t load. On my boyfriend’s phone, I could still see it but I think it was just cached as it displayed I only had 18 posts versus the 59 posts I remember having (with some archived posts)

I already contacted Instagram of course, for help regarding this. As well as made my own research what actually happened.

I’ve given up on the idea of getting it back but this morning, when I woke up I saw an email from them. The email is asking for further details and a proof that you owned the account. I had trouble since I replied with my main email (being, that the email I used was forwarded) but I managed to re-send with the correct email after and so they sent another reply.

The second reply, they ask me for security questions. While I do remember some of the details they’re asking for, I don’t remember all as you know – it’s hard to recall things when so much is happening in your lives which is me right now, with me, losing a loved one just a few days ago, my head is still not in its good state and – honestly, who will even remember these things, all I would care is I’ve signed up and everything. I even remember having a hard time signing up with this account..well.

I was told they could not verify it after all their questions even if I replied with what they asked for. Privacy? Security? I already gave my freaking photo and they still won’t give back the account.

I can’t even justify why they deleted the account so now what do I do? I don’t know. Honestly, I feel so down and I feel like the world is crashing. If anything, my account cheered me up as I posted there things I loved and liked, in a day or so..but now. What do I have?

What if, an elderly or disabled, or emotionally distressed person had to retrieve his/her instagram account? Why do they have to stress the owner up? Isn’t it easier and safe they at least provide an sms or link via email that the user can verify?

I’m emotionally not doing quite good. And overall, this is just like my twitter mishap again. Social media sxcks.

I think, social media is really not for me anymore so I’m just gonna give up my hopes in getting it. I’m going to totally quit Instagram, I will keep my old accounts but rather not post or anything. I guess it’s for the best.


Instagram support is useless because they’ll make you look like a hacker of your own account even if you want to retrieve it after they suddenly delete it without no further notice or information on why.

I’m sorry, I posted because I just really wanted this out of my chest. I really feel bad and sad I couldn’t get my account.