Photo upload problem, yikes!

While trying to upload, I got this error:

Unable to create directory /wp-content/uploads/…. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

Note that it’s not the whole error given to me, but anyway, after that as usual, I googled the first words at least the “Unable to create” and then the last part “Is it parent directory writable by the server” then I found, this.

I believe I have visited that website some time long ago, but anyway, thanks to it I fixed this problem with no issues except that it was some how different, I went to “Settings”, then I went to “Media”. Maybe it was somehow different because it was with earlier versions of WordPress.

I found out that my media uploads path were being uploaded to my old one (in which it’s inside the old main domain’s folder) then I set it to default, which is the fix, just copy the default path as stated at the right of the box you will see there.

Now, I got to get going. Just wanted to share because maybe you’ll encounter it as well. WordPress can be a headache at times!

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