Plans for the shop~

Some days ago, I had to look for the stuff I was planning to sell for my online shop. I don’t have the online website YET actually. But I renewed my domain just a week ago. I’m planning to check out more stuff to sell and I also found these beautiful gemstone beads that are nice for accessories like bracelets and necklaces!

Then googling, I saw this cute bracelet that is just so adorable! I want to be able to make one of this someday. Hopefully, soon!

Elephant Kawaii Beaded Bracelet!

Elephant Kawaii Beaded Bracelet!

Collecting bracelets was actually my first love if you ask me – it was when I was on my way to teenage years. I just grew out of it because of the love for music at some point. But I will revitalize this passion soon as I get to work on my shop! After all, a pretty bracelet can make your sense of fashion way better!

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