Play time’s over!

I’ve been trying to get away from blogging. And that’s the truth. But I realized, that whatever I do it will follow me for since I have started it, I had made it a big part of my life. I have done so much with it, I have done a lot and learned a lot. So, I don’t need to runaway. Even if I maybe someone who got tired of the same routine. There’s no escaping, just staying here 🙂

This is what I realized when my friend came over and told me about how his father raised their horse, who they later entered to some races. Of course, at first they failed, almost gave up but in the end – they won some. It was hard work, and no other feeling is better than getting the fruit of patience and hard work you give.

As a return for inspiration, I checked out some equestrian boots that maybe his father will like. I haven’t talked to him again but maybe tomorrow. It reminded me to be strong, survive and do my best.

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