Quite upset…

It sucks when you’re right but you’re always wrong to their eyes…

That’s what I hate about my dad. He has so much pride. Awhile ago, I couldn’t connect my PsP via our router/wifi connection because of the settings he’s been changing in it. When he changed the password again, that’s when it was able to work. He kept telling me mean things that I didn’t know how to make it work and that I was just lazy, but he can’t blame me at all – I’ve tried connecting it almost 20x but it wouldn’t work because of him always changing the wifi connection name again and again and the password too. He even criticized me because he said what the hell, I’m an IT Student. AND YES I’M AN IT STUDENT SO I KNOW IT’S NOT ME, AND IT’S NOT MY PSP BUT THE SETTING HE’S DONE.

Anyway, I guess he was silent when he handed the PSP to me knowing it was not my mistake. It was his. It only worked when he put the router to reset its password. So who’s wrong? It sucks anyway. So I just cried because I will never be right, even if I am.

I know we should respect elders, but sometimes, or should I say often, youngsters, children, daughters and sons have their rights to speak too.

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