Rainbow earrings from a friend

A close blogger friend, Abegail of princessdiaries.info gave me a gift. They were cute earrings, perfect for the rainbow doll! Really lovely, thank you so much for the gift!

Rainbow Earrings for the Rainbowdoll

Rainbow Earrings for the Rainbowdoll

It has given me an idea on what I can do with my polymer clays as they are made of polymer clay. Isn’t it a cutie? I wore it during my graduation day. My mom was laughing though, because she said it was silly of me. I wonder why? Are you supposed to wear formal things on your graduation day? Is that a rule? Well, I honestly don’t know but one thing, this will be one of my favorite earrings! I had another one which were from Christian, which was number 7 in green with wings.

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