Reasons why this week isn’t really lovely.

  1. We finally got in some club at school and I was ecstatic about it. But I realized I shouldn’t have attended that meeting they held because now my boyfriend is the President. Normally, girlfriend’s should be happy but I am not because I have reasons – yeah, I’m selfish like that. And I didn’t like the members. None.
  2. We had tons of exams, I doubt if I’ll pass all of them because I just become blank when I’m in front of an exam paper.
  3. I’m so tired of working but I have tons of them.
  4. I still don’t have enough money to buy Nokia 5530.
  5. I was late for Management System Information last Wednesday, we didn’t make it to be the first to finish the program to do – I doubt I’ll ever do great in the actual test, I barely study anymore because of work.
  6. We’ll be reporting in Filipino soon.
  7. Rizal Life SUCKS.
  8. I’m blogging about how depressed I am.
  9. I want to sell my domains that have prs but I don’t know to who or to where.
  10. VB 2010 is being a pain in the @ss
  11. I’M SO DEPRESSED, did I mention that?
  12. Employers haven’t paid me. Nth time.
  13. I don’t want to be this sad anymore.
  14. …and I’m confused which blog is my personal blog because I have tons of blogs o_o
  15. I have nothing to say.

Life is cruel like that…to me I guess. I hope things changes, like I hope something magical happens – like if it would rain but the raindrops would be marshmallows. I’d be happy.


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