School is starting soon. I’m having a lot of stress lately knowing I won’t be able to accomplish all my ‘supposed to do on vacation list’. I barely did any of them. Haha, oh well, vacation was after all made to enjoy life after tiring school days or work days.

I do however wish I can do something even more relaxing. Some friends recommended me to go for a SPA which I haven’t experienced, they say being in spa hot tubs are quite relieving. At the same time, you get that “pieceful time” to think about things, to make plans and to simply, have some quality time for yourself. I suppose it’s ideal especially for those who seem to be 24/7 busy with work and their errands. I would really love to be given the chance to have SPA anytime of these days, any invites will be appreciated lol.

It’s not just for one person too, because you might want to tell about it to your mom and best friend. We all need that relax time after all.

For sure, once school is back I will definitely run out of energy and be needing lots of rest (yet eventually not getting them) Either way, I will do something to ease off the stress! Lucky you if you will be getting a SPA soon, cherish that moment as it’s your moment to be able to have the world only to yourself – a moment of peace and relaxation.

So, will you get one too?

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