Rilakumma Bag :)

Me and Rilakumma!

Me and Rilakumma!

Me and my new Rilakumma bag! I have blogged about it on my other blog. It was given by my “tito” (uncle) last March 17, 2012 during the celebration of my birthday. I was shocked today too because mom told me she spent almost 10k during my party, I was disheartened 🙁 I don’t want spending so much. Now my graduation gift will be postponed because she’s going to use it for our place in Tagaytay.

I shouldn’t fuss about it much, since I really don’t even know what I want for my graduation. LOL. I want a MAC or iPad HD in all honestly but they’re way expensive for us to afford and they’re really not a necessity. I do want a phone called Samsung Nori which I am saving for. Although my mom will seriously kill me if I told so, she wants me to quit buying phones. Haha. 😐

And since I am no longer a student, I need to find a stable source of income. I don’t want to be a CSR though and even mom hates it. I want to be a web developer or web designer but I know to myself that I am no pro on such, so I want to gain more knowledge because they were interrupted because of studies grr. Oh btw, the Rilakumma bag above is from Clippers 🙂

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