Sideline Career

My officemate has been researching a lot lately about Photography. He says he wants to take it on the next level since with photography, you can also earn every time you get projects for weddings and such.

Well, that’s quite true! Then he asked, how about me – and if I had some plans on what to do other than my current job. I said I was clueless but honestly I have so many things on my mind.

There’s my love for art and web design which I couldn’t really pursue yet because working at the same time it’s quite hard for me. But I’m thankful I got lots of books last month from mom for studying and I have a current project which could probably boost my interest in art. Then there’s my love of music that has long ago retired but I still want it back.

I’m thinking of checking out the buy pro-co effects at musicians friend right now. It could be my starting point for my sideline career!

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