Some lame day~

Today I woke up 9 am because of kitty cat “Paw” being so noisy and all. Then I texted Christian what time we’ll be going to school, turns out our class starts at 3 PM. Well, what I did was sleep again by 11 PM up to 2 PM seeing I needed more sleep.

As expected, no school professors showed up and my classmates are all @_@ over getting drunk – one of my classmates (actually, he’s my thesis team mate!) was to celebrate his birthday today. Of course I passed on their invite as I don’t really like drinking =)

Then we dropped by the pet shop to buy “Paw” a cage because she’s really naughty and she’s all over the place. She might eat that poison for the rats dad left in our kitchen :-S We also saw cute hamsters. Luckily, the cage was only worth some 250 PHP ($5)

And then, nothing else exciting happened *yawn* oh wait, I did find a seller of Nokia x5! Finally! But no green color of the unit! /wrist.


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