Something for V-day

Valentines is coming. Many men are in panic for sure and some may probably been prepared already. It’s that time of the year when we all become mushy here and there.

Gifts are the troublesome part, it’s like Christmas only this is more about “love” for two people so it has to be something special and not just a random toy (or it could be? it depends on the person)

Fortunately, girls aren’t that hard to please. There are those who can be happy by giving them jewelries. In particular, fashion jewelry stores that offer really cute trinkets and fashionable accessories are the places you should check out at these times. They might even throw sales and discounts since jewelries will be hot as pancakes during Valentines day.

Men on the other hand are probably happy with something they can wear – a t-shirt or a watch. I’m not really good with these things but I’m planning to get a necklace or a jacket for my special someone. How about you?

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