Something I need.

Hooray, I’m posting! Meh! I’ve been really busy to update blogs at all and that. But you know, I’m having a hard time at the office for one reason I still haven’t memorized my office mates’ names at all. I’m not so good at it T,T

Maybe, if we were with uniform name tags that would be easy? We have IDs though so I shouldn’t complain much. Meehee. Speaking of ID I honestly do not know how to use it much yet, I just got mine…after 2 months?! It’s was a bit delayed because I submitted some requirements later than the others (as I was a fresh graduate I had to get them, and I already got hired before getting them!)

But the actual work is fine, I’m just being the socially awkward penguin me at most times. I hope I manage to conquer my fears with people talking though. Argh.

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