Something I want to revive in me…

Something I want to revive in me, that I have lost in me – is my creativity and passion for it. Honestly. You know, I wanted to have a website before when I was just a high school girl because I was so fascinated how websites were created – I wanted to experience making one, I wanted to make a unique and pretty one.

I was also into drawing, I once wanted to make my own anime cartoons. But it faded slowly, I guess I was partly to blame because I didn’t pursue my dreams continuously, I was always into something new. Now, I am frustrated.

Lastly, I was into photography. But it wasn’t really long. I remember I begged my parents to have me a digital camera for my birthday! I think that was when I was in high school. It wasn’t as cool as these camcorders, but I really enjoyed having it. Unfortunately, my mom lost her job , we had to sell it because we needed money.

A few years later, when I was in college I bought myself a digital camera! From my hard work. It was worth it after all. But, I honestly don’t use it as much as I did before. Yet, I know maybe one of these days. I just need myself back from being lost 🙂

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