Sometimes it’s easier to say goodbye.

Have you ever wanted to so much but you’re always with no power to do it?

Or maybe, interest…or maybe, it’s just not meant to be.

Like this, that I’ve decided that maybe I have to say good bye to blogging, this domain is expiring again soon in a few months so there’s that. It’s just too much work when I think about it.

So much happens and so many drives me away from focus but honestly I mainly don’t blog because I dislike the setup I have right now :/ Also I have way too many things that keeps me busy….so many even if I have the time.

Maybe in the future, I will with a new domain! (again??) Haha.

Sometimes I look back and remember all my other old blogs, blog posts, people and really miss them. But when I think blogging today, it scares me how the standards had changed. If you’re not careful, you could be bullied by keyboard warriors and such. I’m not really comfortable with talking with people anymore (much more so offline, and now, same online)

Maybe, the my interests are ever changing and this (blogging) has been really dead inside my heart lol

But maybe..

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