Son Altesse Sophie

Somebody’s got a new wallet! And it’s unbelievably fashionable and girly which isn’t usually my type. Okay, I’ll spill it – mom actually gave it to me. Is anyone’s familiar with Son Altesse Sophie?

Son Altesse Sophie

Son Altesse Sophie

Her Majesty Sophie” – Glamorous and sophisticated type of handbags and accessories. Fancy and more elaborate in design, these bags are well suited for distinctive occasions such as evening parties. The brand would definitely fit well to a queen that is already in you.

I thought it was the other brand also called Sophie (or is it?). It was a gift for her that she gave to me since she already has a wallet and mine’s getting rusty and has some ripped parts (poor me!)

It’s my first ever lovely wallet, and I like that my cards are very easy to get now whenever I’m going to use them. It also has many secret compartments which are my kind of thing. I happen to keep money on those and forget about keeping them so, in events I need cash I suddenly get them like magic! Heehe!

The best part is the feel and look of this wallet as well. It’s not too much but it’s fashionable, classic style and very womanly (rather than shades of pink) Isn’t it just fab?

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