Sorry [Again]

I wasn’t able to post promised #nootd posts (Nendoroid Outfit of the Day). I felt it was too redundant because I also post the same thing over Nendomeow’s Facebook o( ><)o So, so, sorry!

Anyway that leaves me no choice but to think of another topic to blog here. Quite honestly I still don’t know since there hasn’t been really anything going on with my life, since I’m mostly at home. But I keep myself busy with tons of things, house chores, cats, toys, photography, sewing, SLEEPING. I could play the guitar now as well (after a looong time!), I can watch anime if I wanted too (but I still haven’t even after 2 months of free time), or read some manga, I could also work on my own website design and templates now! Yeah, the list goes on.

But bear in mind I still have a part time job so yeah, but still 4 additional hours really made things better! I’m no longer as stressed and I hope I can keep it that way. By next year though, I might go back to work just because. Or something. That said, at least for one I have upgraded the WP version of this blog now( ◞・౪・) I also had to move out of Hudson Valley Host because my debit card has expired. I need to get a new one (っ- ‸ – ς) Wasn’t able to get one earlier due to bills and bills and bills I should really lessen nowadays since I’m a NEET now. Well, that’s all for now.

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