Starting to save..

What? Really? Well yes, I’m trying to save a little! Hihi. I guess it helps that I have no usable card plus everything in Cydia and Blackberry Appworld are boring.

I want to save so then, I can open a savings account! Then I would be able to save so much to buy so many things I want. Like before, I did this.

Piggy Bank

I just don’t know how much of it is possible at this moment because I don’t make that much of money like I used to. This is partly why I think I should have a job now. Before, everything was stable!

So now, my only choice is to save. I’ve already cut down so much of my usual online shopping especially with domains! LOL. I’m even thinking of not renewing most of them T_T Since I don’t use them at all anyway..troublesome life.

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