Hello world!

Thank you God for this day! I wasn’t able to finish enrolling because I only brought half of my full tuition fee, but it’s fine since I’ll just pay tomorrow, print my Official Study Load and then request for a new ID! I guess going early during enrollment really helps:)

I also loved today because I was able to buy many cute stuff for a very very cheap price at a local grocery near our place! Look <3


I has CUTE stickurz!!<3

Aren’t they just lovely <33 I’ll post some of the stuff I bought in my photoblog after this post. I think I’ll come back there often! Haha. I rarely find cute stuffs like these x) Except that now I spent almost all of the money I withdrew last two weeks ago. I was going to save it to treat my bestfriend Karen this Friday, but I remembered I already had tickets for a movie and Bez Grace will come along too!

Lastly, I love this day because I was able to buy this domain rainbowdoll.org <3 I signed up for a uni.cc because I thought I won’t be able to try the coupon code promo from Godaddy wherein you’ll be able to get any domain for 0.99 cents, $1.17 in total. But it had to be a CC (Credit Card/Visa)..

But when I got home, I received instructions from UnionBank that I could already reset my TXN Password (Transaction Password) because I requested them to reset it. I couldn’t get through last two weeks ago because I forgot my TXN password, I forgot to change it too because it lasts for 180 days only =)). I followed their instructions on how to reset it and tadaa! It was successful! Then I tried using it because I saw it has 72 PHP. Enough to try Godaddy’s promo, and since Eon Card has Visa logo on it I gave it ago.

And now here it is!

The only sucker is my school schedule. I have classes everyday! And at some days I go home at 9 in the evening. Oh well. I hope your day is a happy day too! I hope this lasts:)

Now, I have to continue puffing my brains out in writing. Fight-o!

Oh btw, thanks for the layout Sachi! I love it. It’s so Rainbowdoll indeed! I just tweaked it a little 🙂

I’ll edit this blog some other time 😛