Now wutt?

Yay, finally done with adgitizing my other site! Wew, I kinda get tired quickly nowadays. But then vacation is coming soon so I’ll be fully working on my sites! No distractions, no waste of time I promise!

Now, I decided to post here :> My other personal blog is also nearing its 100th post. Thus, I will buy a new personal domain! Yup yup this time around, for reals. This one, I will try my best to make 100 posts here as well. And look, I’m thinking of making this a fashion blog so I can save than buying a new domain. What do you thin so? Neat idea right?

Anyway I will also enroll all my blogs to entrecard or adgitize I guess, to earn more traffic since I hate blog hopping. YUZ. Oh okay, I need to go good night!