Today, I am blue.


Others make blue their favorite color because they say it’s “peaceful” and somehow relaxing. But the color blue is often used to be paired with “agony”, “anxeity” or in general – sadness. Are you familiar with the song “Bluer than Blue?”

Today I am blue because I am sad. I don’t know, I am sort of happy for some of the blessings but one blessing I just received a month ago is at stake. It’s my pet Paw. I was on the verge of making a blog dedicated for her and our other pets just days ago and now this. She’s having seizures plus she can’t move any of her muscles. They say she must have eaten poison for the rat in our kitchen, that I hope not.

There is little hope she’ll get better right now and it makes me bluer than blue is. But, whatever fate is and whatever God wants I submit to you God – I just want Paw to feel no pain anymore even if it would sadden me to see her go. I know, you now what’s best and I have faith in you.