I have you back!

Today I re-registered a domain that I had before which expired on year 2009. I was just browsing as usual out of boredom and so I checked it.


It was a domain I bought after Putims my pet kitten disappeared. She was a special pet for me, very special. But I am happy that I am no longer sad and I know she’s everywhere I go as a little angel. I’ll try to look for the old layout I made for her website before (I’m pretty sure it’s in my HDD) some of my old blog posts xml file is here as I used it once with my other blog. It used to have page rank 1 instead, too bad its gone. Bottom line, I will have this up for Putims 🙂

I got it for the almost same price ($1.17 before) of $2.17 since Godaddy has hiked up prices for .info domains. But anyway, I’m glad I have it again! Also would like to thank Happii for sponsoring me in getting putims.info back hoho!