Can’t sleep again. Doh. Anyway, for the past few days I decided my next salary would be saved – I want to buy my mom a notebook! But it doesn’t really have to be an expensive one.

Actually, last night I browsed ebay. I hunted down the things I like but while I was looking at them at the back of my mind my brain says “Do you need it? Do you really need it?” which made me have second thoughts. Which made me want to think of others first. Like, I want to always pay our internet bill from now on and like I want to get my mom a notebook. Then I’ll think about myself later. Haha. I hope I get to buy it in a month or two!

Hmm, oh I finally have! Plus Mica gave me I know, i know, you’ll probably say I’m so addicted to domains but don’t worry I won’t renew them. Haha. I’m thinking I’ll only be renewing, and Those only 😛 Most of my domains expires this December and then on January – May next year. How’d I got 2 domains instantly? No I don’t have money! Hahaha. I do have cents, Godaddy has this promo that a domain would cost you 0.99 cents only, making it $1.17 in total, SOCCER99 is the code. I use such codes while I still can because it happens rarely. You can also use it to renew/transfer a domain to Godaddy. The only problem here is that it has to be paid via credit card or VISA. Thank you EON card :))

So ahm, til here! Just thought I had to update. I haven’t updated my other blogs anymore due to lack of interest and time. I guess they’d understand. But honestly, I miss the blogging spirit I had before. Guess it lessens. Oh, I curse Reviewme 😀

I don’t want to be a writer but I guess it’s my last choice for a job for now.

Pol Sci and Stats tomorrow, sucks.