You know what, GPS is one cool technology discovery well sort of dangerous at times as well :)) But with good use anyways, it can be helpful. To enlighten you more, GPS means general positioning system according to Mr. Wikipedia 😀

For example – with businesses! I heard of best trucking gps. Big companies make use of it to track their goods being delivered by their trucks of course. Parents also benefit a lot since with their child checking-in and out of a place they’d know where they are. That’s what I think.

It’s cool that new phones being released are also using GPS now and I also got Opera Mobile on my phone which enables the “check-in” feature of your phone even if you don’t have Foursquare or the main Check-in thingy. Those are GPS stuff! Haha!

So, where’s you’re next stop? Don’t forget to use your GPS! And it’s great too to help you not  to get lost during your trips!