Tamagotchi L.I.F.E.

Just a month ago, I was looking for somewhere to buy a tamagotchi. Yes, a tamagotchi – everyone really liked having one and when I was a kid it was my greatest dream to have the best one! I remember crying just to have one, oh, those silly days. But who wouldn’t want one?

Tamagochi days.

Tamagochi days.

They’re so cute and it’s like having a small best bud! Recently, they finally released an Android application that got me excited (I liked their page beforehand, thus, letting me know updates – Tamagotchi L.I.F.E.)

I think I liked that page because I wanted to win a tamagotchi so bad, I lost. Bad. I never win n any contest. But anyway, after they released that application it was then announced that it would only be available to U.S. and Canada region.

That broke my heart! Fortunately, some people got apks all over the internet. I just remembered researching when I saw a friend of mine in Facebook uploaded a screenshot of his tamagochi. I was pretty busy with work so it slipped my mind.

Then alas! I downloaded an apk file awhile ago. However, some buttons don’t seem to work on my mobile phone so now, I’m trying it on my tablet. I hope it works! I really want to play <3 The real tamagotchi has become too expensive as well, it’s around 2,ooo PHP now. Wow. It used to be 500 bucks ;/

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