The Car I Want!

When I grow up I want to have my own car so I can shop all day, buy the things I want (in case I will be a billionare too) of course, my car has to be unique and cute – just like this one!

Hello Kitty Car!

I just Googled this picture. It is on my wishlist now! Haha, will I ever get it? I wonder how I’d look like in one. But aside from these I thought to myself, what do I do when it gets broken?

For some, when their car breaks down it’s really devastating especially if their car has become very essential in their daily activities. Some use it ALWAYS for work and some even use for being a driver, which is already indeed their work. If it gets problems, it will so much trouble!

But good thing there are services that help you getting your cars fixed. And it’s great that can be done online because it’s so much more convenient than going out when your car is broken, you have to commute right? It will be such a hassle. With proper guide, anyone can get their cars fixed right away. So there will be no problem!

So even if you’re away, you just need to go to the right website online – your car can be fixed! Just as easy as that.

I thought about this very well. How about you? What are your thoughts on getting/having a car? What do you do when it’s broken?

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