The right solution for back pain!

Well, for some reason – my back pain is becoming really bad. I mean, really! I guess it’s because I’ve been spending time on my net book often compared to before.

Back Pain, arghh.

Back Pain, arghh.

I’m thinking that I need a spa cover for my body to get rid of the pain I’ve been getting. It’s weird though, I’ve been doing more things than I did when I had school (I mean, physically). Could it be the reason?

Anyway, rather than to sulk I try my best to sit properly only I don’t have a desktop table to just sit and relax there whenever I do my online errands. I’ve got to deal with these with a few more days.

Oh! Sorry for not updating as much as the first weeks of April as well. I’ll make up for it, no worries! Just finishing some stuffs. Say hello to a new theme, again! Will tweak more when I get time. I didn’t like that I had to scroll down for my used-to-sidebars so here.

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