The Shopaholic

First of all, I’m talking about the movie. Hehe. I was able to read the book series of course, being a fan, after so long I finally decided to watch the movie while I was in Thailand for vacation last year December.

The Shopaholic Movie

The Shopaholic Movie

The plot of the story is pretty much the same with the book’s but the characters were sort of disarranged. Well, as a fan of a book of course I was expecting the same characters and all. But well, the movie was hilarious!

Overall Rating: 4 stars

because Luke Brandon was not as it was in the book, but still, dreamy!


I’m hoping the other series of it would have a movie too, especially the one with the Minnie! Oh, I miss reading books. I better get back to reading some time soon too. So many things to catch up with. Bleh. I want to be the girl in the green scarf :)


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