The things you can’t understand.

There are things and people in life you can’t understand – one minute they’re nice to you and then after a second they despise you. Then there are those you seem to like but suddenly you don’t. Ahhhh. So weird. But I know there are times I am like that too.

Anyway, today we finally got our school ID weetwoo! I can now go shopping again since I can cash-in Gcash! However, I’m out of cash to spend. Pohaha.

Oh, I’d like to thank Clarice and Mae, they made me smile with their comments.

I decided that this will be a private blog. The public one would be my domain

But I’ll make a layout first, okay everyone! ‘Til next time! I’ll be upgrading my other site now~



  1. Awwww. So sweet of you. :)) really touched that you had appreciated my comment on your previous post :*

    There are things in our life that we can’t control and we can’t also deny the fact that everything may change unexpectedly. It’s really weird. .__.” But I think we just have accept those changes to be able to move a step forward right? 🙂

    Goodluck on the private blog btw :))

  2. welcome sis. 🙂 haha. you made me smile din with that special mention. haha. anyway. thats part of life talaga. its a challenge to know kung kaya ba natin makibagay sa iba pero some people are just too much talaga. and change is the only constant thing in this world diba. 😀 pabayaan na lang natin sila if di nila tayo like 🙂

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