This is what I needed all along.

Sorry for not posting. I have a pending app game review too I need to work on. It’s just that my back pain, that I posted about so long ago as well – it’s the one making me stop from doing my online errands.

I was hoping mom or Christian would buy me a desk and a comfy chair but I don’t think that’s any possible at this point. I don’t know 🙁 Maybe they will this week? I’ll be begging mom…or maybe, they can get me a memory foam topper to somehow make me feel better. I heard it’s good to prevent pressure points allowing more circulation in the body. I’d have better sleep and I’d be able to say goodbye to my back pains. It also helps to relieve your stress.

I’ll have one the pink one too. Hmmm. I wish I’ll be better soon and be blogging actively. I miss a lot in this world wide web more than you know!

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