So, I haven’t posted here in a thousand years. LOLjk. I mean, about 2 weeks I think. It’s almost the end of August. After tomorrow, which is Friday – It’s finally September!



The past two days have been very tiring! I seldom was online because I was going to interviews and stuff. I declare I shall not go on any this coming week (as if) I’ve been wearing mum’s office attires which doesn’t really suit me much. And I don’t get it why we have to tie our hair so neatly like uhm…an old granny when doing interviews, then, the make-up. Hohoho!

Although, it’s nice that I’m finally learning the Ortigas area. Only, my legs hurt a lot lately. I consider it as an exercise for me anyway.

Moving on. It’s Friday! I’m looking forward this day because:

  1. Christian’s Payday
  2. After Friday is Saturday which is a free day for the said person, thus, date!
  3. It’s the last day of August.
  4. I think I’ll be able to verify my Paypal by then?
  5. My EON card expires (wait, what? I look forward that? NOOO!)

Anyway, this is for today~ I’m so tired of blogging fashion blabs (I try too hard!!!) but you can find some in 🙂

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