Time flies by.

Time, you went by too fast.

I noticed I only had very few posts this July. Well, I will admit – I haven’t been that motivated lately to blog because I felt that it was pointless to put efforts in blogging after Google Update. I could have just put up one page on each of my domains since they could gain Pr1 alone.

Plus, July hasn’t been much of a good month except when I got my iPod. But on this month, it’s full of scarcity lol and sadness. Paying websites to make posts are also not cooperative. Then, I’m just not in the mood even with my studies. So I wanted to make them right one by one. Maybe, starting with my messy bed and room lol. Bags and clothes are everywhere D:

I wanted to take a wonderful picture of a clock or a watch but I didn’t have both. Maybe I should get one, so I can fix up my messy life XD

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