It’s 1 AM in the laptop clock. Anyway, yesterday was awesome. I was tired. LOL, I washed my bags, clothes and my rubber shoes. I even wanted to was hall our clothes. But I think I won’t be able to do it because I got my skin woulded, when it touches laundry powder it’s sore. But maybe it will be okay later, I’m finally done with the layout of Angel Pen. This looks better, and simple. Now all I have to do is this blog, Kittyheart, Shopsters, and Mycutebox. Pshhh. And I want a drawing blog, pohahaha! And a new portfolio website. That’s a total of 5 layouts more to do. I don’t know when I’m going to finish that. Maybe never (hope not) plus I have to finish 100 articles again. I haven’t started due to lazyness and when I got home I’m always tired so I’d rather sleep during free time.

I read a good book last night! It’s titled “Can You Keep A Secret” written by Sophie Kinsella, the same author of

Can You Keep A Secret?

The Shopaholic I wasn’t interested in The Shopaholic back then but now I might just read after I end this post. It was a really lovely story. I also cried at some parts, silly me. You should read it! I wish there’d be a Can You Keep A Secret  Movie too since The Shopaholic had one.

I kinda missed reading books so I think I’m going to make this plan that every week I must finish at least 3 books. If you’re wondering how I read them, I read them via phone. They’re free, haha. So I like it that way, since right now I can’t afford books I want at National Bookstore (they’re so pricey). I think I’ll stick to free ebooks. I downloaded 72 new more ebooks last night. I haven’t even done the other 150 or so before! Haha, I’ll get to reading now. Good morning!


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