Too much makeup!

The main reasons why I don’t like makeup no matter how girly I’d like to be is because of:

  • skin irritations – choosing makeup is not easy, some are very unlucky that their skin needs to be compatible with a certain product only. It often leaves you to little choices of makeups.
  • the need for makeup re-touch – this is mainly one part for me because I’m really lazy, after all, why’d need makeup when you’re just at home?(for me)
  • you look unnatural – the thing here is, natural beauty will always be the best compared to makeup. I know, it seals away some of the “unwanted parts” plus even improves your look. But at the end of the day, you’d take them off anyway.
Too much makeup

Too much makeup

I have nothing against make-ups. It’s just that sometimes people use them so much so it got me to thinking of this post.

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