Top 3 Places We Go To During Summer

Admit it or not – what happens during summer is

  1. You get bored.
  2. You feel the tormenting very hot temperature
  3. You want to go have an adventure!

Well this is for me I guess, the heat during summer is killing me. So, I decided to enumerate top 3 places that we go to during summer!

1. Mall

It’s the most accessible, we’re usually broke during summer (if we’re students, I no longer am though). But it wouldn’t hurt to spare a few bucks to simply walk around the mall – hello, free AC? In our country this is what happens because your electric bills hike up like there’s no tomorrow if you own AC at home, if not, AC units are very expensive. It’s up to you if you want to go on a shopping along your trip!

2. The Beach

I guess this is self explanatory. During summer season, it’s one of the hang outs of people who wants to hit the waves. Not only will it help cooling down but also it’s your time to enjoy and have a break. Others usually do this a lot during vacation time, others on Holy Week(in our case, because it’s the most days with vacation). Others use it as an excuse to show-off their bikinis and trunks, lol.

3. Out of the Country

Can’t take it anymore? Then buy tickets and go to a cooler country. Haha! Rich guys are pretty lucky, whenever they want to they can simply fly abroad – to U.S., Hawaii, Japan – any other country that’s not as hot as this. The problem with this for people like me is that they’re expensive and I wouldn’t really enjoy if I have to read ridiculous worm letters during my stay in those countries.

So, that’s all folks! I know there are a lot more 🙂

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