Tough life…

If you have your speakers on the music that made me cry and smile today is the background song here 🙂 It’s the music version of Dango Daikazoku from Clannad. I wasn’t able to finish that anime show because I didn’t like the ending pair. Haha. But the song, is so sad..yet it makes you feel like there’s hope.

I may be lucky but it’s been very hard for me to adjust ever since the day my dad lost his job, and he’s having a hard time looking for a job now..but.

But everything will be okay, right? Maybe, tomorrow. We have to do everything we can..if ever we’re down, everything’s going to be time.

I feel like sitting on a tree looking at a big star:)


  1. totou. everything will be ok.. just hold ur faith and ur trust .. dont let sorrow swallow ur hopes.. i will still be ur classm8 promise… ilove you.. take care always..

  2. aw I have my speakers on pero nakablock kasi lahat ng flash ng some application dito sa laptop ko. But I think I can imagine how the music sounds like.. 🙂

    I really do hope you and your boyfie will still be classmates and that your dad will be able to find a new job *prays* ~

    Don’t lose hope, just keep on praying, read the Bible and keep on talking to God 🙂 He’s always there for us! He’s promises are true and He’ll never forsake us 🙂

  3. I know this song since my first boyfriend was Japanese and I got influenced a bit, but I didn’t know about the anime series.

    I totally understand what you’re going through right now, I know how hard it is to adjust. My step dad lost his job twice last year so it was a very big struggle for all of us here, but look at the bright side, when you’re dad gets a new job I’m sure things will be better for you and your family. 🙂

  4. hawwwww. basta pray ka lang siz na maging maayos ang lahat 🙂 magiging magclassmates siguro kau parin 😀 and sana makahanap dad mo na ng job. 😀 godbless bhe3 ^^

  5. nice music background sis.. kakarelax.. sana naman classmates pa din kayo ni christian mo.. mahirap pa naman mag adjust lalo na pag nasanay ka na laging kasama mo sya. and i hope na makahanap na din ng work yung dad mo.. cheer up sis.. basta.. magiging maayos din ang lahat. 🙂

  6. it’s midnight in my clock and your background music just lulls me to sleep. Hoho! But yea, it’s a great bg for some sort of reflection moments. It’s soo instrumental kawaii 😀

  7. aw. i hope maging classmates kayo ni bf mo. mahirap ung hindi e. kasi diba hindi natin alam ang mga possibilities. but i guess kung may enough trust naman kayo sa isa’t isa edi okay ang lahat. and all of your problems will be better soon. ther’s always a tomorrow diba 😀

  8. We also experienced the same thing. When I was in Grade 4 or 6 (I think?) My dad lost his job and that is really a big struggle for us. Look now, he is working already and I’m really hoping that the same thing will not happen again. Mami, Cheer up ka! >3<

    Ako nga I don't know if classmate ko pa rin ang mga bestfriendsssss ko Pero I always pray to God. Pray lang tayo ah. 🙂 Malayo mararating mo pag malakas Faith mo eh 🙂

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