Toy Story 3

I’ve been a fan of the movie since the first one <3 And tonight, I decided to watch it online since I plan to watch Avatar with Christian at the movie cinema instead. I can’t wait for it!

As usual, Toy Story left me in tears. So much tears…

Toy Story 3 Family

It somehow reminded me of my old toys, my childhood, how time does fly so fast. It also reminded me of my friends who I kept and those whom I lost. It’s all sad, and the memories make it even more a heartache when you think of it, but in a way, you’re glad you’ve been with them even though we all live in a big world.

Anyway, I also had fun during our MIS (Management Information System). Christian and I went to school at 9 AM even if our class was supposedly going to start at 1PM because we had to finish our presentation, our so called “defense practice”. I coded the layout for our decoy program and also helped them with the Powerpoint Presentation. “You’re doing it all wrong Quailegg, you should put an introduction!” I said to Christian. I thought it should be that way because when I see it in the movies the actors present their powerpoint presentations that way, right? Makes me feel so happy because our professor pointed out that out of all groups we showed what he really wanted – an introduction without being told, the description of features – and the whole presentation itself. My classmates did great too but I guess they didn’t have the resources and the time. Hope we’ll all do great next time! But I hope there won’t be any regrouping, I guess you’d know why.

In our presentation, Christian and my other groupmate reported. I wanted to help him but I’m not really good in such stuff, I wish I was though, and I know, I should be. We were told each would have to experience to talk in front. I hate it, why do I have to be this way, so shy? In fact, I should be confident, because if you look at it I could do the coding, I have the idea, I lack confidence THOUGH! I wish I can get rid of this attitude.

Meanwhile, I don’t know how to keep up with my schedule. I just like accepted three jobs I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle! Haha, oh well. I guess I need to plan this, really really planned.

I also should really save money too. I had 300 bucks yesterday (enough savings for the week) but I spent it in a box of donut to bring home to my dad and the other people at the house because Christian and I really planned to watched TS3 but we gave up with the internet connection (I was only lucky now because I’m the only one using the internetz now) so we ended up watching HACHIKO 🙂

I hope tomorrow won’t be a bad day. errr, later. Need to rest now!

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  1. aw. if that movie will only make me cry. it’ll be hard for me. haha. i want to watch it but if ill just cry :/ i dont know what to do na. haha. touching kasi ung mga stories nila. haha

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