Walang Hanggan

If you’re a Filipino, you’ve probably heard about this current hit tv show in our country – Walang Hanggan. It’s been airing for a long time now.

Walang Hanggan

Walang Hanggan

I’ve somehow become a fan of it from time to time (but I get lazy at times and I’m thinking of saving electricity lol). It’s really great in terms of story, and you really get annoyed of the main character’s evil brother, Nathan(he probably is a psychopath.)

It’s a story about love of Emily and Marco which had to go through tragic events – and it doesn’t stop there because even their son’s love story becomes very complicated, Daniel.


Like all movies it involves a baby getting lost and having a need for a home dna paternity test or so. His grandmother even lied about it, how sad is that!

I’m not sure but I’ve got a feeling it’s almost at its ending.

About the actors and actresses though, they’re really good. Dawn Zulueta now back at ABS-CBN together with Richard Gomez who also just got back to the said network plays Emily and Marco. Then Daniel is played by famous Coco Martin who’s been making a scene in tele-drama shows as a villain (now he’s a main character, the irony) and lastly Katarina (that they should have made “Kathrina” in my opinion) is played by Julia Montes the girl who acts as Clara in the remake of Mara Clara which is a big hit at the same show, she made a mark across the people’s minds.

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