Wearing Skirts!

I don’t like dressing up that’s the truth but well, when I feel like it I dress up. And most of my favorite get ups are when I am wearing this favorite skirt of mine!

Strike a pose >:D<

Whenever I wear it I feel like Sailor Moon. Haha, just kidding. But I really, honestly find skirts comfortable than pants. Then aside from it I like wearing shorts. Sadly our school is a bummer with rules of not allowing students to wear shorts.

I have another skirt and I wear it on special days because it’s kind of fancy compared to this one. Given the chance I will surely buy more skirts!


  1. haha, cute mo mii, Ilang ak sa skirt mi,
    mas trip ko jeans, leggings, pedals kaysa skirt. buti ka pa comfy ka jan haha.

    cute mo! 🙂
    fashion blog ito?yiii

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