What makes you happy?

What makes me happy is Dango Daikazoku. JUST KIDDEEEENG. What makes me happy is when I make people happy. But sometimes I fail to do it. Hmp. But anyway, I’ll still try! I want to happy, and so should you 🙂 Okay, I really don’t have anything to blab. It’s just the usual day everyday, the rainbowdoll is running out of paint. Tsk. Maybe I need a layout! I already have one, but it’s on my drawing notebook. I still can’t find the time. Hope I’ll be done working! Then I’ll be able to buy Nokia 5530. *w* Ahahaha the wishes.


So yeah as I said it’s the usual everyday for me, usual to get up LATE and be LATE for my Rizal Life class (I hope I don’t fail this subject or I’ll kill myself x| seriously!!!) and worry about how I will be able to finish all my job. Stressful. Sometimes I get time to watch movies with the boyfriend too, and that’s great:) I miss blogging though and making layouts harharharhar as always.

So uhm, do drop by this very nice blog worth reading : http://www.greatestlivingfilipino.info

Would like to thank those who drop by my blog too 🙂 I’ll pay back a visit and some comments, soon.

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  1. If I do have time talaga dear gagawan kita muah~!! oh btw ganda ng drawing u bebi photoshop na yan wohoo!! render mode na!! <3 misss you dear rest ka rin dear nakuh ang beauty natin :-* muah!! ilysm <3

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