Where do I start?

While walking with our classmate yesterday, I was shocked to hear that it was already our semestral break. LOL! I was so shocked, I and Christian were still in our uniforms while everybody were wearing civilian clothes. Well, it’s better we knew. We were able to finish up and get signs for our clearance paper and also get our voter’s certification.

Today was also somehow fruitful, as we were able to get our Form 137 – now, the only problem is my NSO birth certificate issue with the dumb registrar who missed out the note on my NSO certificate about my supposed to be name, plus, graduation stuff completion!

Hopefully, tomorrow I shall finish my layout for Loving Pink and move on to the others, as I want to complete my *portfolio* so I can add it up on my resume :-S Ah, but honestly, I don’t know where to start >_<

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