Why, oh why?

Out of all my “active” domains, this one seem to have its alexa rank hike up too easily. It’s hard for me to update when I’m not in the mood 🙁

Another reason is I might bore you haha, I’ll just keep on talking about nerdy stuff like VPS or whatnots. But then, don’t forget I tried! I guess I’ll just post in here the same topic I will be posting on my other rainbow blog tomorrow, it’s about my new cellphone theme which is really colorful!

On another note, my client still haven’t paid me so I sulk in here. Oh, did I mention CLIENTS? But what can I do with it anyway but to sulk. If I do get some $$$ should I save it, buy an X5 or buy another VPS? I feel like Volumedrive.com has totally shut me off already, still no VPS info >_<

Oh well, what you get for $4.95 VPS, I’m disappointed though, I hear they’re good. Okay, this is sounding to geekish to read on this blog. See ya then!

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