Work Table

Finally, my work table is usable! I’ve been stacking up un-opened nendoroids due to lack of time to open time (p.s. I still haven’t opened them v_v I just placed them somewhere else)

Rdoll's work table!

Rdoll’s work table!

I had to finally do something about it being messy to usable (not really ‘organized’ or ‘clean’) because I have a pending project I haven’t worked on for half of the month already! I hope the person who asked me to do it won’t get mad (;n;)

I don’t have a craft table but if I will be working on craft stuff I might do them upstairs to the area where I stacked most of my ‘craft supplies’ last 2 weeks ago so maybe I’ll post a picture of my ‘temporary crafting table’

I have to get the best best recording microphone for my work table though, I might need it soon!

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